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Favorite Scotty Putter?

Adam E

I would imagine this has been asked or discussed a few times in the passed but I wasn't part of it and we all like to talk about our equipment. I have seven Scotty putters all bought retail and I have traded a few in to get a new one at the time, so I probably had around four more - all blades Newport or Newport 2. I like them all but my favorite one is the Studio Select model. What is your favorite Scotty putter & model?

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  1. Joshua B

    Monterey...her name is Jolene
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  2. Jason M

    My favorite that I have is a 009 GSS...BEACHED!!! My next favorite and all time gamer is a 009 that was designed for me by my hometown friend STAN UTLEY... he knows short game and good Scotty's!!!
  3. Jason M

    GSS 009 Beached!!!
  4. Todd T

    009 (old style) brushed black or 3X black finish and must be beached!
  5. Matty E

    The old pro platinums are by far my favorite, have several that have been refinished.
  6. Todd T

    My 009
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  7. Kathy J

    I love my GoLo 5 putter!
  8. Kevin B

    Exactly the one Im gonna order. Love it! And the name!
  9. Jeff K

    I've got a really old copper faced Santa Fe from around 2002. Pity i just can't putt at the moment.
  10. MrPizzle

    That would be my 2003 Futura, haven't used another putter since. It's had a few trips to Scotty's Custom Shop but I wouldn't trade it for the world.
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  11. harry h

    I have had and still have several scottys but my favorite is one the new crown and Cameron future x . Best one I have putted with to this point but love them all for craftsmanship and looks
  12. David S

    I have six Scottys but my current favorite is the Cameron and Crown M2 Mallet. So easy to line up, perfect balance. Fits my stroke and eye the best.
  13. JAYW3

    Newport 2.5

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