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Reducing the length of a Futura X dual balance

Tom W

I recently purchased a Futura X dual balance that plays at 38". I just can't get any consistent feel with the putter playing at this length. What are the pros and cons of cutting the shaft so it plays at 35"??? Should I reinstall a dual balance grip or can I use any Grip when regripping the cut shaft??

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  1. Rich J

    I cannot imagine cutting down a dual balance shaft. You would be better off selling the putter and buying something else that better suits your putter swing. If you cut down the shaft 3 inches, you will increase the club head swing weight way too much. If you "reinstall" the dual balance grip by adding back weight towards the butt of the club, you effectively have a 32" putter since the whole idea of the dual balance putter is to choke down around 3" to counter balance the weight in the head.

    Are you sure that a mallet putter ls appropriate for your putter swing? Do you swing straight through or do you have an arc in your swing? The mallet is face balanced and designed to accommodate a straight through swing.

    I have been testing an SC dual balance Futura putter at my club, and I am ready to buy one. I have a straight through swing, but I use a blade putter and my putts are all over the place. With the SC dual balance Futura putter, my putts are straight and true. Since I use a 35" putter, I choke down 3 inches on the 38" dual balance putter, and the counter balancing effect is superb.

    You ought to find a local retailer and test a standard Futura 35" putter without the dual balance feature and see how that suits your putter swing before cutting down the shaft of a dual balance putter.

  2. Tom W


    Thanks for your gamer is an oil can Newport circa 1997 or so....I am deadly with it from inside 10 feet. My wife purchased me the Futura X dual balance after having seen me constantly looking at them on the Cameron site and eBay. I had tried it out at a local shop with great tuned my putting stroke by removing all wrist action and promoting use of the larger shoulder muscles....I use it as a warm up putter...due to the additional weight I have gained..I don't want to be accused of anchoring the putter during competitive rounds, hence the reason for inquiring about reducing the length of it, while still maintaining the balancing effect.

    I will have to shop the local golf outlets to try it at 35" and see how I like it....and sell the 38" has never been in the bag...just to the putting green...

    Thanks again Tom

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