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Newport 2 VS Newport 2.5

Darryl M

I'm looking into purchasing the Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2, I also looked at a Newport 2.5. The only real difference I seen visually was the how the shaft attaches & maybe the Newport 2.5 head seemed slightly shorter in length. weight seem the same & both seemed very balanced. I've read the specs on both the loft is similar to what I use, the 2.5 has the same style shaft attachment (smoother transition) my png has. I average 32 putts a round, but I noticed the roll is better / truer off the Scotty than my png and it's getting older by the day.

Can anyone tell me any downside to either putter before I purchase one. I currently use an older png Anser Pal 2i 35" with a longer head than most putters, these tow Scotty's are close in length is another reason I am looking into them.

Thanks in advance, DM

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  1. Kevin B

    Hi Darryl:

    I am about to get fitted for my very first Scotty Cameron Putter.

    I'm dead set on the 2.5 as I like the transition from the neck exactly into the shaft. It's that seamlessness that attracted me to my current putter which is the png Redwood ZB which has many of the same characteristics of the 2.5.

    Being fitted will allow me to get the loft and lie correct for my height as well as the ideal length and I can select the weight which is very cool.

    Just sent Scotty Cameron CS an email - asking a list of questions what is possible, whats available, customization etc so that when I meet with Jim Pooler at Roger Dunn Santa Ana Thursday I can be prepared.

    I am considering both the 2016 Select model and the 2015 Model of Newport 2.5

    AMPED beyond AMPED to get my very first Scotty Cameron!

    Good luck, I know where you are in the process...its tough and an big investment and big part of our game! You'll know. When we get'em...Post'em!

    Happy Fairways and Greens!

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  2. Chris92009

    The difference and only difference is the amount of toe flow. This determines how much you are a straight back straight through or open the gate/close the gate stroke you may have or prefer.

    Balance any putter on the edge of a table or on your finger. The more your putter face points towards the ground the more toe flow you will have, vs. if the face points directly up towards the sky the more face balanced or straight back straight through the stroke.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Doug E

    Bottom line, if your putting stroke is more straight back and straight through, you'd probably like your putter to be more face-balanced, like the Newport 2. (It's not face-balanced, just more so than the 2.5) If you use a prominent arc style stroke, the 2.5 is probably better. Generally speaking, golfers who stand taller when they putt tend to arc more than those who bend more at the waist, assuming the stroke is made more with shoulders and not wrist/arms/hands. (That's a general statement, not a blanket statement by any means.)

    The only way to go totally straight back and straight through with a should turn stroke is to force it with wrists/arms/hands or else stand over the ball at a 90 degree angle like Michelle Wie was doing last year. Many people putt by "pushing" their hands straight back and straight through, but in my opinion, add variables to their stroke by doing so. Personally, I connect arms to my body, try my best not to move my wrists or hands, and just turn my shoulders. This creates a natural arc, but because I get over the ball a fair amount, the arc is minimized. So the Newport 2 works well for me.

    People talk about being fit for a putter, and frankly, it's a good thing. But, the numbers don't always tell you everything. Feel is just as important. At the very least, try both the 2 and the 2.5 to see which gives you the arc you are most comfortable with when using the stroke style you always use with your present Anser.
  4. Darryl M

    Thanks everyone for the GREAT information. I have plans to take both and compare them on an actual green for profile look at address & feel then make my purchase.
  5. WCollins

    I just recently purchased the 2.5 myself. The feel was a bit better for me on the 2.5, but the thing that really helped my decision was the shaft attachment. The 2 has a typical "plumber neck" design, which gives it a full shaft offset. the "flow neck" of the 2.5 is only 1/2 shaft offset, which fits my eye better. Definitely recommend trying them both, and maybe even a few other models.

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