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Nothing Like Your First! Here I Come Scotty Cameron- My First SC!

Kevin B

After years of drooling over all the Scotties I've observed on and off the course, I'm about to get fitted for my very first Scotty Cameron Putter.

I'm dead set on the Newport 2.5 !

I like the transition from the neck exactly into the shaft. It's that seamlessness that attracted me to my current putter which is the png Redwood ZB which has many of the same characteristics of the 2.5.

Being fitted will allow me to get the loft and lie correct for my height as well as the ideal length and I can select the weight which is very cool.

Just sent Scotty Cameron CS an email - asking a list of questions what is possible, whats available, customization etc so that when I meet with Jim Pooler at Roger Dunn Santa Ana Thursday I can be prepared.

I am considering both the 2016 Select model and the 2015 Model of Newport 2.5

AMPED beyond AMPED to get my very first Scotty Cameron!

When its home I will definitley post plenty of pictures of her here!

Happy Fairways and Greens! All. Roll the rock smoothly!

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  1. Brian D

    Congratulations....I am sure you will not be disappointed.

    Post a pic with the new SC

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