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Prototype SC putter

Craig C

Just got a hold of a 1995 prototype Newport Two, oil can finish, and wanted to know if "prototype" really means it's rare. I can't find any images online, other than the ones from the seller so I'm not sure if it's just a gimmick, fake or truly a gem to hold onto.

Can any provide some info?

Thanks, Craig

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  1. david s

    Hi Craig, yes you have a limited edition one of five hundred of the Newport 2 prototype, as stated made in 1995 before Scotty introduced them in the market.
    I used to have one the same in my collection. its not oil can finish though its the gun blue finish.
    If you want further information you can register on the Cameron collector website which is a forum full of Scotty experts and collectors.
    Likely to increase in value, although the Newport 2 is not as popular as it once was when Tiger was winning all those majors with one!!
  2. Chris92009

    Craig, this is a limited run (similar to the first of 500 series in current models). Nothing really unique however it does give a slight boost in value.
  3. Craig C


    Thanks for the reply's. I also have a 2014 Newport 2, I like the style.

    Would it be bad to re-grip it? I know this may be slanderous, but I don't like the thin grips on a putter.

    And thanks for the link to the Cameron forum...I'll check it out. I got a decent collection of putter covers as well, mostly Hula Girl.
  4. Adam E

    Hey Craig, where did you find that gem?
  5. david s

    Hi again Craig, its your putter, your choice - if you intend to game the prototype then put what ever grip on the works for you, take care with the finish though, as it will rust up if you don't care for it, try and get a Scotty Cameron oil cloth failing that have a look at the details below taken from the SC website:

    1) Always dry your putter after play with a soft, lint-free cloth.
    2) Then, wipe your putter with a Scotty Cameron Oil Cloth.
    3) Always store your putter in a dry headcover.
    4) Never leave your putter damp or wet.
    5) Avoid leaving your putter in extremely hot or cold environments.
    6) The Gun Blue (Black Oxide), Oil Can and Teryllium series putters are most susceptible to oxidation, so always dry these putters and wipe with an Oil Cloth before storing.
  6. Craig C

    Thanks David. This label on the shaft actually says to wipe it down w/baby oil, I imagine they said this before they had "oil cloths" for sale. Since it's gun blue, I'm just going to use a micro fiber cloth and gun oil.

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