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How Often Does Scotty Cameron Release New Putters?

Kevin B

Simple question. Does anyone know how often does Scotty Cameron release new putters?

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  1. Chris92009

    Annually, he releases a new set of OTR Putters. He releases 1-3 LE putters every year as well. This is in addition to his For Tour Use Only or Circle T putters which are coming out monthly but at a much higher price!
  2. Kevin B

    Appreciate that Chris! You're part of what I love here. Great education and facts! Thanks again!
  3. jeff l

    They come out once a week on his site but you have to be fast to get one or just check eBay they are always on there .... The price on his web site for a super rat 1 or 2 with GSS insert is 3000$ on eBay 3500$ to 4000$

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