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Cameron Putter - sun glare

Chris B

loving my new putter - it gives me real confidence that I can get down in 2, at most, from any point on the green. One item, if I am playing mid day, the glare off of it from the sun can be a bit much.

Has anyone else had this same problem? If so, what did you do to fix it?


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  1. Chuck Z

    Never had that problem.
  2. Speedy

    first, which Scotty putter do you have? I have a few and I've never had this issue.. I play with the Newport blade putters...
  3. Brian D

    Honestly, I have never experienced a glare off of my putter. I have had this happen with some other irons, more specifically some wedges, but I corrected that by purchasing the black ones.

    I would hate to every tell you to paint your brand new putter, but maybe a question for Scott's custom shop...Maybe a chance they would have a different opinion or option for you.

    Good luck and keep knocking those putts in
  4. Todd S

    I had this problem with my old DelMar 3.5 after it got a little older I tried polishing it to freshen it up and remove some worn Nick's and stuff.
    I ended up hitting it with a coat of matte finish clear coat.. that did the trick without changing it from the original finish look too much.
    I actually think it looks more original after.
  5. Paul D

    Yes, obviously the sun will glare off any shiny surface. Not sure why posters are chiming in with "NEVER"... Couple solutions for you. (1) Polarized sunglasses help, regardless of anyone's "grain" argument. If you get a pair that are contrast based you'll still putt as good, and there are other ways to determine grain. (2) Have the putter refinished with a matte coat. There are some top quality refinishers in the industry now, that offer other finishes than PVD, or black ox.
  6. Darron K

    I had it happen a couple of times. I didn't want to have it happen again so I gave it a custom paint job. The area's painted were chrome and the only areas that could pose a glare issue. Testors Enamel paint
    Post Image
  7. Chris92009

    You can send it into the SC Custom Shop and have them paint it black...
  8. Greg L

    I have the same issue with my SC Newport 3.0,even though it has a matte finish. Let me preference by saying I wear a hat but do not wear sunglasses when I play because I tend to keep my head too low when I do. I have the same issue but worse with my 915 Driver/woods which have more of a gloss finish and a silver alignment arrow. This may be more of an annoyance, but one that bothers me none the less. On a positive note, this gives me an excuse for poor shots : - )!
  9. Michael M

    Depending on which model it is the Scotty Custom Shop can refinish it black for no glare. While it's there you can add stamping, shaft bands, new shaft, new grip, custom paint and don't forget to have it authenticated!

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