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Martin H

Great Scotty Cameron event at Bearwood Lakes on Friday. A bunch of Scotty Cameron and Titleist fans got together and Titleist and Scotty Cameron produced a limited edition headcover to commemorate the event.

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7 Replies

  1. Brian D

    What a really cool head cover. That is almost as cool as I Circle T.

    Looking at some of the background in the pic, it appears that there are some pretty cool SC collectibles in there.

    Hope you all had a great time!
  2. Jack H

    Wow! That is awesome looking!
  3. APhillip

    Looks great
  4. Chris92009

    Looks like a great time and cool headcover!
  5. Bruce S

    Great looking cover and I'm sure that you guys had a blast. It's always nice when you have a cover made for an event.
  6. joe t

    How about a nice TT putter headcover? My SC putter would look great in one.
    Just Saying!
  7. St Helena Boy

    Great event with old and new friends. Personal involvement from Mr Cameron and Margaret to add the finishing touches to an awesome head cover. Fantastic venue and sunshine....what else is there to say.

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