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Connor Affinito

Is it possible to buy a Circle T Putter Headcover anywhere? I own a Scotty and love it but I want a more unique Scotty Headcover. I saw Jordan Spieth had a cool teal one that I really want so I was just wonder if they are possible to get.

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  1. martin h

    Hi Connor
    Yes you can buy covers like these but there are loads of fakes around. I picked up the 2 in my profile pic and fortunately they're genuine but be careful. As a heads-up they don't and never did come in a plastic bag. Not sure where you live but you're looking at least $250 + for these. The Cameron Collector is a site where members sell their Scotty gear so it's worth looking on there.
    You can of course become a Scotty Cameron Club Member which will give you access to the new releases and some pretty cool gear.
  2. Mike H

    Somewhere I heard that if you wanted to buy a brand new Circle T headcover from the Scotty Cameron Gallery you had to have a Circle T putter.

    Or you could take a chance on eBay and pay to get one without a tour putter.
  3. david s

    I agree with Martin, there are loads of copies out there especially on eBay, the only trusted source I would recommend is the Cameron Collectors website,
    which is run by true Cameron collectors, they have a classified section selling all sorts of scotty products, but there are rules in buying and selling, the tour headcovers come up for sale but expect to pay $250 - $1,000 for a CT one, Scotty has produced some amazing headcovers over the years, you can pick up one reasonable without paying a small fortune.
    If you look at the Scotty Cameron website and join as a member I think you'll receive updates when new covers are launched - I've bought some over the years
  4. St Helena Boy

    Agree with both of the above....the best place is the collector forum for CT's or Club Cameron for Of the Rack (OTR) releases....EBay is littered with fake CT covers and they are becoming harder to spot. Also be aware of sellers using real images but shipping fakes.
  5. Rob R

    The posts above are right on. Be careful buying a CT cover on EBay. I had a friend buy a CT cover last winter, the pictures looked good on the website. The cover didn't look bad when he got it but it did turn out to be a fake.

    Mike- you are correct. To buy a CT cover from Scotty's Gallery you must have a CT putter.

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