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Scotty Cameron Grip


Hi Guys,

Anyone have any advice if its possible to thicken up a counterbalance scotty grip slightly by simply adding a few layers of tape to the shaft like you would for an iron?

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  1. Chuck Z

    Could also add weight. I am at the point where I take all my clubs to my club repairer and let him do my grips. He knows exactly the right amount of tape to add to all my clubs including my putters. Have gotten away from the Scotty grips and am using the GolfPride TOUR SNSR 104CC. Has them weighted correctly and the lies are dead on. Have two Scotties. One for fast greens and one for slower greens. Me, I say let the professionals do it. Then you know for sure it is right.
  2. Michael M

    You might want to send an email to the Scotty Custom Shop. You'll want to make sure the grips are designed to stretch. I doubt the extra weight will make a difference but could end up switching weights also.
  3. G

    Thanks Guys, much appreciated, I noticed on the custom shop website you can order with up to 4 layers of tape, so i assume the grips will have some stretch in them. Good call on checking the weights!
  4. St Helena Boy

    Weights would be my preferred....heavier in the heel to close the face and in the toe to open the face. Failing that perhaps you could speak to your Titleist rep about what neck is right for you i.e. Plumb neck for straight back and through or flow neck for and arc'ed stroke.

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