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weight recomondations


About to buy a new putter (futura 5w) when your order your putter, for instance Im ordering a 34 inch putter, will this come with the right weights or do you have to go through the custom shop to get the right weights for the length

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  1. Tim Tiger

    New putters come with a standard weight. Were you fitted for the putter and need it customized? Then you can order through your local Titleist dealer.

  2. Rob_Roth1

    What weight are you looking for the putter to be? Based on specs it looks like the 34 get 2 15 pound weights to be consistent no matter the size shaft.
  3. Kevin H

    The weights that come with the putter are specific for the length, I believe. For example the 35" putter would have the 10g weights, the 34" has 15g ones, and the 33" has 20g weights. This is to counterbalance the weight of the putter head with the length of the shaft. If you like a different feel though, then you could always buy the weights that you would prefer.
  4. CSmith

    Each putter comes with the right weights in it to balance the putter properly. I have the mid mallet m2 at 34 inches and it came with 15 gram weights.

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