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Superstroke CounterCore on a Scotty

Kevin H

Team Titleist,

Has anyone here put a Superstroke CounterCore grip on a Scotty Cameron putter? If so, what are your thoughts? I've purchased one just to try it possibly without the added weight, but I wanted to know what y'all thought. Thanks, as always!!

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  1. Dwayne N

    Kevin my playing partner and I have both added a super stroke counter weight and we both believe that it helps keep the grip end more stable through the stroke. And fewer moving parts results in better strokes and more consistency
  2. Rob_Roth1

    I am not a fan but I like a lighter putter. I really like the matador grips on the new select lines myself.

    Whait's your goal with the counter core? Are you a little quick or hands?
  3. Darron K

    I have one on my Scotty but I use the 0 weight. I also have the 20 weights in head. I've tried it with different weights in the grip but don't like the feel.
  4. Scott C.

    I added the SuperStroke w/ Counter Core. Admittedly, I can get a little quick and wristy with the putter. I've been putting much better since the change. I also went with the Mid Slim version, so the grip is a little bigger. Overall, it was a very good change for me.
  5. Chuck Z

    Tried them and the Matador. Took them off and gave them away to friends. Am using the GolfPride Tour SNSR 104s on my SC Newport2 Notchback Select and Newport2 Select, with positive results. I prefer a grip with some taper. Guess it all boils down to choices and what works. I the hot and humid conditions of the deep south, I need something with good griping power and still be soft to the feel.
  6. Chris92009

    I added the SS Counter Core Flatso great on mallets!

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