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Left Handed Newport


Does anyone know if in 2018 they're going to have a left handed select Newport. I love the more classic look of the original Newport over the Newport 2 and would love to see a left handed option. I want it so bad I might die!

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  1. JAY L

    Nope, not unless you play the tour
  2. David A

    I've been waiting for a left-handed black Newport 2 for ages! Might have to send my Scotty to the custom shop over the winter. Love the look of the black finish!
  3. Don O

    As a LH, you'll need to temper your hopes. You might actually die before there are significant additions to the line. I did check other OEM lines out of frustration, and there are few other options and extremely limited demo equipment. The best demo options for LH putters regardless of OEM are at the SC Showcase Partners. For me, I had the option to move to putt RH, so that solved my issue.

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