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2016 Newport

Hulon M

I'm a Newport guy. I have a 98 TEI 3, MilSpec, Studio Stainless, Beached Studio Stainless and a few tour issued including the one in my avi, that is my everyday gamer. My 009 is pretty much a wall hanger and doesn't get out much.

the 2016 Newport is almost identical to my 009. weight and headshape are spot on perfect.

Any other members playing a 16 Newport? Have you noticed the similarity to the 009?

After sending in a Studio GSS insert to the custom shop for work last year ( added black finish and left the insert bare) It is basically a 325.00 version of a super rat. Anyone that wants the 009 feel without the hefty price tag should take a look at the 2016 select Newport

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  1. Rob_Roth1

    The difference between the newport and the 009 are the bumpers. The 009 has rounded edges and Scotty version of the Anser putter. The newport has flat and sharp edges and while I have rolled both I agree not sure why people drop 3K for a 009.

    Super Rat also is similar to 009 as that is has rounded bumpers and not like the newport. I prefer the rounded look but I am playing an X5 now so I have sworn off blade putters for a while.
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  2. Hulon M

    I should have been more specific. It's the length of the blade and the weight that's so comparable to the 009. Here is my gamer. Soft bumpers. But it's almost a half a inch shorter from heel to toe from my 009. And about 20 grams lighter as well. I will try to throw some pics together when I get around the house tonight.
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  3. Steve W

    Scotty grips....I have a 2016 and 2012 with custom sight line. For some time I thought it sacrilege to think of replacing the Scotty grips. As an "experiment" I installed a png midsize PP58 I had liked previously. Wham! What a difference. The grip may be a larger factor in putting than people think. Love both. Also, find your best swing weight. Weights make this possible. D-2 for me is perfect.

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