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My permanent putter, and 2018 season bag


No matter what else finds a spot in my bag, my 009 will have a permanent slot no matter what else is surrounding it. Same woods, just a fresh set, added 818h2, and some nicely built CB’s.

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8 Replies

  1. Sam K

  2. Wade W


    Did you order the 009 yourself or was it already out there?

  3. BK

    Fantastic putter, but we all know how hard it is to have just one Cameron lol!
    Nice 009M

    Great looking 009!
  5. Nick D

    REALLY nice sticks in that bag!!!!
  6. Steve M

    Great looking bag, and one awesome putter!!
  7. Jerry/LittleMill

    Thank you for all of the compliments!
  8. SRichardson

    Sweet putter...

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