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  1. B.A.

    I joined January 4th. I'm still waiting for my stuff.
  2. Brian D

    Rob, I have been a CC member for a little while, but certainly not as long as some others on the site. I was excited for this year's release because of the Sunday carry bag. Just didn't have one and I have already used it a few times this year.

    I posted a pic on Twitter the other day with the guys. Just so happened it also turned to a white out for about 15 mins.

    I am sure you will be happy with the CC package

    All the best
  3. Chris92009

    I did sign up (member since the beginning in 2002)...2018 membership you get a great kit including the bag!
  4. Rob_Roth1


    I joined January 4th. I'm still waiting for my stuff.

  5. ScottyC50

    Signed up January 2 and got mine a month ago. Really love the Sunday bag. Quality stuff...I would never sell it, I actually use it.
  6. 19hole

    I renewed again this year, the kit is really nice this year. The carry bag is one of the best small bags I have.
  7. Sean N

    My son signed up for the first time for the Club Cameron. We were very excited when the package arrived a couple of weeks ago. Very nice selection of goodies from the Old Scotty Dog! Worth it!
  8. Justinu3

    Pretty incredible kit! lots of value and I LOVE when he omits "Club Cameron" and the year... Makes things timeless :-)
  9. Rob_Roth1

    yeah I signed up and excited for the range this year
  10. CDeery

    Still waiting on my kit- surprising the amount of people that are selling it on eBay
  11. Rob_Roth1

    cameron carries a price $$$$ so people will sell anything
  12. Sam R

    What's the tax and shipping costs like when ordering to UK?

    I remember looking into membership many years ago, but from memory it was almost double the cost when ordering to UK. This was probably 8 or 9 years ago though, as I think I stopped playing for 4 or 5 years after that as lost all interest in the game.
  13. BK

    Its a great kit
    Bag is great for taking to the range, carrying putters
  14. Eric L

    I joined January 14th. Still waiting.......
  15. Eric L

    Joined Club Cameron January 14th 2018. I am still waiting for kit to arrive...
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