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How long until I get my putter back?


I was considering sending in my 2018 Select Squareback for some customization. Added sight lines, back engraving, nothing too crazy. How long should I expect to wait for my putter to return, assuming I was to do overnight shipping in both directions?

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  1. Tyler H

    From the Custom Shop page: "Standard turnaround time is 20 days for customization and up to 120 days for restoration (excluding shipping). "

  2. Rob R

    I have sent a couple of putters in over the years to Scotty's Custom Shop. The putters took about 4 weeks from the day I shipped them to get back in my hands. I did have them sent over night both ways to help speed up the process.
  3. Luke R

    It took them 15 business to complete mine.
  4. pbeckett

    I sent in my Circa '62 on April 7th and they received it on the 11th and mine is still in progress. I was told they run about 20 days turn-around time, not including the shipping back.

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