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So I was fitted.....

Tom E

I was fitted at my local GT for the 913 driver and after all said and done, I was recommended the 913 D2 9.5 Diamana Blue 62g shaft at X-stiff.  It was amazing to see how changing shafts, lofts affect my result.  I went back to the GT to try again the driver but they do not stock a X-stiff shaft so I tried the stiff.  My numbers were not as good, shorter in distance by almost 25 yards, and more of a pull.  When I was fitted not only did I have the club meant for me but I was also hitting Pro V1x as opposed to another companies ball (GT standard).  Silly question but could that be why my results were so different?  I am trying to decide between the another companies driver with Tour shaft stiff and GT does not stock the X-stiff from Titleist.  So how can I decide?? 

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  1. Kyle G

    Tom, where are you located? the best thing for you to do would be find a fitting centre that has that shaft you need. 25 yards is a lot of distance to be losing from a X to a S flex. I would doubt that the shaft was the sole factor in that. If there is a Titleist regional fitting centre near you, they will have a full complement of shafts and flexes. We have over 15 shafts in X flex in our fitting centre at Northview G&CC in the Vancouver area... 

  2. Tom E


    Thanks for getting back to me.  I am from Niagara area in Ontario. 

  3. Tom E


    I just found out that Titleist is coming back this Saturday to my local GT.  I have the first appointment booked and will try out the driver again according to my recommended fittings.  I really want the new 913 to work in my bag.  I have been slowly doing to an overhaul as my game picked up in the last year.  Driver, fairway and hybrid are whats left to fill that bag of mine.  Any suggestions or questions when it comes to fitting?  I know they only have a 1/2 hr window so I would like to an advantage of his time.  Thanks in advance!!

  4. Darius V

    So pleased you got a chance for a fitting for the 913. I too am hoping to do so, but will probably wait until the fall when I am back in North Myrtle Beach. I worked with a chap down there to do my fitting for my 712 AP1's and he did such an extensive job that I just can't see myself going to anyone else right now. Spent 3.5 hours trying out a variety of irons (including the ones I was already playing as a base case). It was a really interesting process and after getting AP1's I found that the process was well worth while. It helped me knock my handicap down from 10 to 8 and I know that if I can get the chippping around the greens down I will easily gain another point or two off the handicap.

    Good luck with your new 913. Makes one wish we lived where our season was longer doesn't it?


  5. Kyle G

    The indoor fitting can be tricky because nothing is as convincing as seeing the ball fly through the air. But if between you and the fitter you can optimize launch conditions (ball speed, spin, launch angle, spin loft etc) and get a product that looks and feels good you should have a winner. The best results usually come when you have no pre conceived ideas, as this will generally allow you to make the most consistent swings regardless of if you are hitting something you think will be good or bad for you.

    If it is a Titleist representative doing the fitting you can be assured you are in good hands! Their training and expertise will allow them to get you pretty dialled in within that 30 minute span. Be honest about your game, your practice habits, and what you are trying to accomplish with a new driver and you will be surprised how quickly they can get the right equipment in your hands.

    Enjoy the experience, and enjoy the the new 913!!!!! I'm sure you will love it.

    Kyle German

  6. Tom E

    Well, I finally pulled the trigger!  Jason (Titileist rep.) helped me out again and reassured my settings.  913 D2 9.5 with a Diamana Blue 62g X stiff.  He really answered all my questions and provided some helpful tips!  The club should be in about 10 days.  Now I can't wait to try the fairway woods and hybrid to complete my set. It's gonna feel like a long winter now that I've ordered my club. Kyle I really appreciate the feedback and really look forward to the spring.  Guess I'm gonna have to get one of those Titileist visors, lol

  7. Kyle G

    It's a painful time of the year to get new gear isn't it? I've got my stuff waiting for next year but it's just sitting under the tree. Haven't even had the heart to take it out of the packages yet. 

    Glad you got dialed in and are getting the correct equipment. It will make 2013 a blast! 

    best of the season and great golfing next year.

    Kyle German

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