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Did you manage to play this weekend?

Mitch D Team Titleist Staff

If so, was it your last round of the year or are you hoping to get in at least another round?
Perhaps you're taking off for a warmer climate on a golf get away?  Where are you going?  What course(s) do you plan to play?

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  1. Shawn P.

    Hey Mitch,

    I was able to get out on Sunday this past weekend luckily before I had to work in the evening. Although it rained pretty good the night before it ended up being a great day after all on Sunday. Fantastic weather! The course was a little wet which played a lot harder. I'm hoping to get a few more rounds in here locally before I pack it in outdoors and move indoors onto the mats. My main reason for playing these extra rounds is to get in some bonus time with my new 913 Driver. 

    I have plans to hit up some golf just after Christmas with a few buddies down South. Haven't decided where to play yet though. Always like trying new places as often as I can. 

    Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has planned for the rest of this year and into the next.

    Cheers Shawn

  2. Steve H

    Hey Mitch

    Unfortunely i have packed it in for this season. But looking at taking a trip to Dominican. I have been doing some research and looks like their could be some nice courses down their. 

    If anybody has played down there let me know how they are.


    Steve H. 

  3. Mat910D3

    Got lucky enough to play yesterday (altough today was also wonderful outside) what should be my last round of the year 2012.

    I'm planning at least 2 training camps during the Winter. One in March with the University (Az) and the other one should be last week of January. Thus far, it's looking like South Carolina at a course called Hampton Hall which looks really nice (based on the website!).

    This will give me plenty of time to keep up the work at the gym and do some technical fine tuning indoors before going out.

    Main objectives are going to be short game related when I go down south (especially in January) as this is where I need to improve the most to be competitive day in and day out on the circuits I'm aiming for.

    Can't wait!


  4. Alex Z

    Hi Mitch,

    Thank you for asking. I indeed made it out. It was an amazing day and an amazing round.

    Barring some more unseasonal weather, that will probably be it for this year.

    Thanks for checking in on all your Team Titleist brethren.


    PS - Had to get that Scotty out ;-)

  5. Kris B

    Hey Mitch,

    You asked, "Did I manage to play this weekend?" Yes, I live and golf year round, rain or shine, in the beautiful Fraser Valley of BC.  Retired 14 years ago and golf every day that this old body and weather permit... I am a member at 2 local golf courses and usually play well over 200 rounds a year.  We don't get much snow here and I have the rain gear that allows me to golf on those mild wet days that we have all too often in this part of Canada.  

    I have had Titleist clubs in my bag since retirement... presently gaming 910 D2 driver. 910 FD 3 wood, 2 910H hybrids, AP1 irons, Vokey wedges, and Scotty Cameron putter.  What I love about the 910 clubs is the fact that I can change the shafts myself so... depending on how I feel or the type of course and weather expected I can easily change from a stiff shaft to a regular shaft or adjust loft and lie if necessary prior to my round.  For my 910 D2 10.5 driver I presently have 4 different shafts... RIP 60 S, RIP 70 R, NV 65 R, and Voodo S ...  waiting for another new shaft ordered through Titleist, a Graphite Design Tour AD BB SR.  I am considering purchasing the 913 D2 driver in the spring but so far I have been extremely happy with the 910 and the previous models I have played.  We'll see how that works out.   Love Titleist equipment... it's been good for my game.


  6. adam781

    Got out and played for the last time this weekend.  Last round with the old 910 woods and already got the 913 driver ordered. Can't wait for the fairways to be released to have my bag set for next year!

  7. adam781


    Got out and played for the last time this weekend.  Last round with the old 910 woods and already got the 913 driver ordered. Can't wait for the fairways to be released to have my bag set for next year!

    P.S. wouldn't mind if a pair of those TT alignment sticks found their way into the box with my driver (or fairways in a few months) :D

  8. Matthew S

    Didn't manage to get out this past weekend, and haven't played since the week of the Team Titleist Event but I am hoping to get out Friday if the weather is good and will get a chance to try out my new 913 as well as finally test the new balls that I received. Hope I can report back this weekend. 

  9. Darbyson

    Played Royal Asburn GC on Monday... featured the new Titleist 913 D3 7.5* driver.... incredible!

    Last year, my final round was November the next 2 weeks looks green light to still play....  2 more Mondays at least.




  10. Sean A

    Hi Mitch,

    I got out on Sunday to some beautiful weather for this time of the year.  Played with the usual group and there were a bunch of low numbers.  For cold, wet and breezy conditions a couple under par rounds from the boys was great to watch.  Really looking forward to the release fo the new titleist ball.  Really like it.  Plays great in these conditions so can only imagine them being better in warmer conditions.

    Hope to get out a few more times before I resort to swining indoors.  Hope everyone has a good winter!


    Sean Adamson

  11. Bilal M

    Hey Mitch,

    I might be able to get 1 or 2 more rounds in this year, here in my hometown. But my family is going down to South Carolina for the winter break, so my dad and I will be playing everyday hopefully !!

    Bilal M.

  12. Matthew S

    Played yesterday morning, weather was actually pretty nice out. First round with the 913 and I hit it all over the map for the first 7 holes but then started hitting fairways and played my last 11 holes 4 under. Driver felt pretty good and hit one on the 18th hole to a spot that I'm not sure I've ever hit it even on a warm day. 

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