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Titleist Test Golf Balls

David B

For me the Test Ball seemed slightly firmer feel than a Normal Pro V1. Distance wise throughout the bag there were no real distance Gains or loses. These ball spun very well, very repsonsive especially around the greens with the Wedge. I managed 4 birdies on my first test round with the ball !!! Sometimes in the Winter I revert to a NXT-Tour or Nike Vapor Speed but this Test ball I would certainly use instead (I feel I struggle distance wise with a ProV1 in Winter). One thing that did stand out was the Durability, after the round its still in very good shape.

If the price point is reasonable I'd certainly recommend this ball to anyone!




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  1. InTheHole

    loved the balls and would like to know what they are and when they are on general sale. have been using hx black tour balls but these test balls outperformed them imo. decent price point and i will be definately changing

  2. brian s

    Titleist  have done it again!, great ball, touch more in distance,good spin and durability best I have ever seen and I have been playing Titleist for 40 years.

  3. AlexKren

    Thank You David, I thought I was going mad, as I thought the new ball has that FIRM feel about it. I had the pleasure in using in recent high winds here in London and again no real gains / loses in distances.

    But as I noticed before, very responsive around greens. Very responsive indeed and like you I did notice the durability.

    Have used the same ball as I tested a few weeks ago and has its good looks.

    So looks like something new to look forward to 2013, but are Titleist doing away with the recent arrow lines on the present ball ?

  4. David B

    Following on from my previous review, i'm still on my First Ball of the sleeve of three admitedly the weather hasn't allowed me to play much through Dec / Jan. I've played the ball 3 rounds now and it still in excellent shape. Yesterday the conditions were breezier than before and certainly colder. My playing partners have similar Handicaps to me (around 10) and hit the ball similar distances. I played The Test Titleist my Partners a Pro V1x and Ball from a Well known Manufacturer of White headed Drivers ! I noted a couple of things during the round.

    1. The Ball really does put t well, 4 single putts and one 3 putt (although first one was off the green) Inspires confidence.

    2. This Ball is very durable ! 

    3. I got good roll out from 3 Wood strikes off tee and fairway.

    Distance wise I didn't think there was much between the 3 different balls we all played, apart from my 3 wood roll out which my partners noticed. All stopped well too but I think because its such a good ball to putt with I felt I had an extra edge. Eventually I just came out on top in our friendly game, 3 under handicap.

    One question I have for Titleist are there any restrictions on playing the ball in club competitions? I hope to keep the other two balls back for the summer comps !

    The Pro V's have always been good but this years are ever better.  #1 ball in Golf 




  5. NeilJ, Team Titleist Manager

    Hi David,

    Thanks a lot for your feedback and glad to hear that the test ball performed so well for you.

    The short answer to your question is "no", I am afraid they cannot be used in competitions - they are not registered on the list of conforming golf balls, as they were test golf balls meant for evaluation / feedback.

    Of course, the new 2013 Pro V1 and Pro V1x are fully conforming and will be available in shops from March 1.

    We will be undertaking some random sampling of Team Titleist members closer to launch, with priority given to those members with the most complete profiles.

    Stay tuned to Team Titleist!

  6. David B

    Just wanted to post I'm still using the first Ball out of the three, although to be fair I've not played as much as I would have liked but its still in great nick.

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