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Titleist Folds Of Honor Staff Bag

Bruce S

Does anyone know if the Titleist Folds Of Honor Staff Bags will be available to purchase? I saw one in a golf store and I asked if it was for sale but the store manager didn't know. It's an awesome looking bag!

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  1. Gabe B

    It is my understanding that one a certain amount of these bags were delivered to golf shops. The idea was to auction the bags off with the proceeds going to the Folds of Honor. I think that the drawings are going to be done on Patriot day. I do not think that you can purchase them from the golf shop but I would be very surprised to not see some on eBay after the auction takes place.
  2. Scott G

    I was lucky enough to win one at our club in a raffle.

  3. Chris P

    Congrats on the WIN, Scott.  I have a buddy that won one as well.  There are a lot of them showing up online for sale... If I won one, it would be proudly displayed.

  4. John L

    Only 1500 of them were made, and they were distributed to golf shops around the country. A local mini tour pro who plays at my club won the bag from our pro shop.

  5. Dan H

    Wow Scott congrats those are great looking staff bags!!

  6. Ron S

    Won one at the Blue Angels Foundation golf tournament this past May at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. Folds of Honor is one of the recipients of the proceeds from the golf tournament which is put on and enjoyed by the past and present Blue Angels Pilots and support group including some very lovely ladies. Great tournament and wonderful city, I recommend anyone who has the opportunity to attend to put it on their bucket list. You just cant go wrong with this one,

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