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2015 Folds of Honor Golf Bag

Charlie B

I won this bag (1305 of 1525) at the Quarry @ Crystal Springs in Hazelwood, Missouri last labor day weekend. I have admired it and showed it off to many. 

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  1. Jim A

    Now that is one sweet and heart warming bag Charlie B. Be proud you have it and I'm proud of you for being there supporting them!
  2. Allen L

    Wow. That is one beautiful bag.
  3. Chris M

    beautiful bag and must be an honor to own it!
  4. Todd T

    Very nice.. USA
  5. tdogg21

    That is an awesome looking bag! Not sure I would use it on the course, but I would love to get my hands on one some day. It would look great in my office!
  6. Tim Tiger

    Very nice bag. They hold the FOH event here in the Tulsa area every year. Such a great place to see the tour players and stars come out to support.
    Would love to find one of those bags to own.

  7. Charlie B

    You know Tim, I have enjoyed this bag but the day I won it I promised myself I would eventually sell it and send all the money to Folds of Honor. I am ready.
  8. Charlie B

    You know T, I have enjoyed this bag at my home but the day I won it I promised myself I would eventually sell it, let someone else enjoy it and send all the money to Folds of Honor. I am ready.
  9. Bruce S

    That's a great bag and cograts to you! I saw one in a golf store and asked if I could buy it but they said that it wasn't for sale.
  10. Steve B

    Beautiful, thanks for your support Charlie!! Let me know the price!!
  11. Dan D

    Great bag. I wish they made a stand bag version for purchase.
  12. Chris P

    Awesome bag that represents Folds of Honor well. I agree with Dan D, a stand bag like that would be great.
  13. masamitsu

    That's a great bag. They had one at my old course - tried to win it but it was for a good cause.
  14. BCrawford

    That's an awesome bag. As a current active duty soldier it's always awesome to see stuff like this and FOH is a great organization to send those proceeds back too! I hope you raise a good bit for it!
  15. JGeorge

    I would love to buy this bag. I have had many family members serve and I couldn't imagine a more beautiful bag. If you are willing to sell this please let me know. I didn't know they existed until just recently. I have searched everywhere for one.
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