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2017 Vokey Bag Release

Mr. McKee

Hey TT!

Pretty simple question here. I know that the new 2017 Gear from Titleist is due out at the first of the year. I was curious if anyone knows approximately how long after each new release year does Bob Vokey slap is logo on a Titleist Stand bag and put it up for sale on I'm hoping he does a simple black/white/grey combo this year. That's just wishful thinking though! Any info on when Vokey's 2017 will show up would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

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  1. Andrew J - WedgeWorks Specialist

    Mr. Mckee:

    Thank you for the feedback.

    We currently offer the following Ultra Lightweight Stand bag through the Vokey Store.;jsessionid=1788B2AF748C3552AA0865705FE10554

    Due to the nature of the Vokey Store products, there is no set timetable for when we will offer particular product categories.

    However, feedback from golfers like you help us determine the right items to include on

    What else would you like to see in the Vokey Store?

    Andrew J.
    Vokey Product Specialist
    Post Image
  2. greg p

    Like the gray caddie towel but would like to see something like it with a loop so it could be hung from the bag. Also, any chance of bringing back the alignment sticks? I was late to buy on the previous run and stock ran out.

    Otherwise, you have done a great job tempting me with the variety and quality of the product offerings. Keep up the good work. Love the Voke!!!!!

  3. Mr. McKee

    Thanks for the response! I'm just not a huge fan of the current colorway that is offered on, but I am excited to see what could be next!! I'm a Vokey fanatic, and so for the most part I'm loving what you guys are selling right now. I'd love to see a few more T-Shirts with different Wedgeworks/Vokey designs on them like your new toe stamps or shaft bands. I'd also love to see a larger variety of hats (Low-Profile Performace in white would be killer). Can you order a bag through Titleist's custom department and just have the Vokey logo embroidered on it or is that forbidden?
  4. Mr. McKee

    Still no update on getting some Vokey/BV Wings logo love on the updated bags? Players 4/5? Patiently waiting.....:)
  5. Mr. McKee

    I'm wondering if it is possible to order a Players 4 bag from Titleist's customization program and have them put the BV Wings/Vokey logo on it as my custom logo? Is this at all possible since we have yet to see any kind of update to the Vokey stand bag? Thanks!

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