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2016 vs 2017 deluxe cart bag differences?

David A

Hey everyone, I'm in the market for a new titleist deluxe cart bag and I was wondering if any design changes or updates were made for the 2017 bag besides the new color options? Thank you!

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  1. Chuck Z

    Here is a picture of the old versus the new. May be just cosmetic? Might want to look at the StayDry.....The first one is last year model and then the 2017 model.....
    Post Image
    Post Image
  2. Nicholas W

    I bought the 2016 a few months back (before the new lineup was released) it's by far the nicest cart bag I've used. I upgraded from a sun mountain c130. I think it's just a color update. It would be hard to improve the bag!
  3. george t

    My stand bag is getting a little worse for wear and I've been looking at this bag as well. Does anyone use theirs with a push cart? Most cart bags aren't designed for trolleys, as once tilted on the cart, the organization of clubs ends up being typically reversed and the blades of the irons and wedges clang against the shafts of the woods and driver. It looks to me like the layout of the deluxe cart bag would allow me to reverse the order of my clubs and avoid this dilemma.
  4. Nicholas W

    I have yet to use mine with my push cart. The club dividers are padded pretty well. I took my iron covers off to wash them on my last round. There was hardly any chattering of the irons at all. I was quite surprised by that. I'd say there will be zero issues with a push cart
  5. WCollins

    Just got my 2017 cart bag. Comparing it with the 2016 bags that were in the shop, the main change seems to be color. I will be using mine for a push cart as well as a power cart. It fits good on the push cart, and I just leave my head covers on my woods and driver. They are long enough to protect the shafts from the long irons that sit next to them. The 14 way divider keeps the rest far enough away. I checked reversing the order, but with the way I like the layout, my Vokey wedge blades would ride right on top of the cuff, possibly causing some pre-mature wear.
  6. David T

    Does anyone else have further comments on the Deluxe Cart Bag's use on push carts?


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