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Divot tool

Emil S

Hi TT! What divot tool do you all use? I just saw Titleists Instagram post sporting a TT divot tool, and as im looking to personalize some of my accesories IT would fit great! Cheers from Sweden!

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  1. Robert L

    I use a Scotty Cameron pivot tool (purple, yellow, black, or silver).
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  2. Barry S

    I use the same one as Robert L in black.
  3. RJohnson

    Same as above in red
  4. Gabriel G

    I had one but don't know where it is. I just find what I can find in my bag and use that. Plastic, metal, whatever!
  5. David S

    I use the same as above in black.
  6. Chuck Z

    I have a TT silver, Scotty Cameron in black and in red.
  7. Dwayne N

    I use a silver one like Robert L's or my Team titleist one I received a year or so back depends on mode
  8. Tim D

    I use the same one as above in green
  9. Chris B

    well, that is fine!

  10. Mike r

    Why is the Scotty divot tool popular. I have one and I find it bulky. Why is it so long and angled? Maybe someone can shed some light on this for me.
  11. pulplvr

    I have several I use. I do have a Scotty pivot tool in silver, but haven't used it. The one I use most often is a simple bronze look one from my local course. I also have one of the Team Titlelist ones, but one of the tines broke, so I don't use it as often.
  12. Todd T

    Scotty Cameron grey roller tool or Seamus steel single prong.
  13. Keith M

    Scotty divot tool in black.
  14. Steve L

    I've been using the TT divot tool and ball marker, love the TT swag...
  15. Andrew A

    I use a vokey tool with the Titleist script on the back.
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