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How often do you replace your glove

Greg L

Curious how often you replace your glove on average - number of rounds and / or range sessions. I know there are lots of variables (sweat, humidity, grip type, etc.), but on average. What do you do with your old gloves?

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  1. Chris92009

    I replace my glove whenever it seems to not fit as well as new or the performance properties are not working as well as I would like. That usually is about every 36-45 holes or so...
  2. 19hole

    FootJoy will tell you that the average life span of a glove is about 5 rounds of golf. While this does not seem very good, you need to take a few things into consideration. Let's say that for every round you play you hit a basket of practice balls first. That may be 30-50 balls. And maybe that that many practice swings. That is 1 round of golf. On course for every shot you hit you take just 1 practice swing. That means that for every round you play you have actually made 3 rounds worth of swings. This number only increases the more practice swings you make.

    5 "on course" rounds is really closer to 15-20 rounds of swings.

    My old gloves become range session gloves.
  3. Andrew A

    I go through about a glove a month. Mine tend to wear out on the heel pad of my hand over time. I dont' do anythign special with them, just toss them out and crack open a new one.
  4. etakmit

    Its just feel for me. I always have 3-4 extras laying around (in my bag and others in my locker). Generally once a glove gets "crusty" it's generally slick too. Then it goes. Seems to be at least three times a year. But my round count hasn't topped 30 in the last few years (this year should be far better)
  5. Matty E

    For me, I replace the glove about the time it becomes slick. Which can be anywhere from 1-2 months.
  6. Robert L

    Replace: As needed.
    Replaced gloves go on to live happy lives as range gloves... until they don't.
  7. JRDotel

    Honestly, I usually use a brand new glove when I play at a nice and fancy course, lol. I know, I'm a huge dork, but there's something about wearing a new glove that make it feel special. Surprisingly, my glove have a long life (2-3 months) because I remove them after every shot. Also, I used to wear-out my gloves really bad, but then I worked on my grip until I developed a hold that would minimize the damage my gloves took.

    I'm lucky enough that my boss will hand me free gloves from time to time, or since I'm the youngest in the group, I get gloves handed to me (especially since I'm a lefty).

    If you wear out your gloves very quickly, check into working on you grip to minimize the damage your glove is taking.


  8. Swav Gav

    I agree with Matty E; just when it gets a bit slick and work round the finger tips.

    To be honest, I think I'm quite hard on gloves (as I get sweaty hands!) but I still get 10 rounds from a FJ CABRETTA or Titleist Permasoft.
  9. Chris G

    I get out a new glove as soon as my current starts to lose it's suppleness. I like a glove that fits tight and won't twist on my fingers. I probably renew every month.
  10. Kyle J

    Once my glove gets a hole I will replace it. Then like most it becomes a range glove. I play 15 to 20 rounds with most of my swings being on the range, so I go through 2 or 3 a year probably.
  11. Jordan L

    I use two gloves during a round. Switching them out after each hole. This makes it so that glove is only playing nine holes. After they do get worn out, I use them when I am warming up or having my weekly grind session on the range. I go through about 2 gloves a month this way. The Stasof is my glove of choice.
  12. Christopher S

    I go through periods of not using a glove to using a glove because sometimes a glove just feel odd to me. When I am using a glove I like to keep 2 during the rounds because it gets so humid during the summer.
  13. Christian J

    Best advice I can give is to rotate gloves during your round or every other round. I usually buy 2-3 gloves and they will last me a good two months with regular play. There are plenty of care suggestions that will also help you extend the life of the glove. One I adhere to is putting it back in the packaging after every use.
  14. Robert

    roughly every 3-4 rounds.

    I will rotate between 2 gloves during a round. Makes me think they last a bit longer.
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