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Staff Stand Bag or Players Stand

Steve M

Getting back into the game after two decades. Have 30 year old equipment. One of the first things I want to replace is my bag. Thoughts on Staff stand versus one of the Players stand bags. Pros? Cons? Thanks.

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  1. Ty B

    I've got the staff stand bag and, in my opinion, it's the sweetest looking stand bag on the market. It looks awesome, it's easy to carry, and there's plenty of room for everything I need in it. It's win-win-win. Enjoy!
  2. Joshua B

    If it has truly been thirty years I definitely wouldn't start with the bag as technology has come a significant way in clubs forgiveness and distance. Best way to enjoy the game is the play it well and new clubs definitely would do that.
  3. Don O

    I'd agree that if you have a persimmon driver with a metal shaft, you have many serious updating issues. I guess your current bag weighs closer to 20 pounds than the staff stand (6.5 lbs) or the players stand 5-way (4.8 lbs). That's a good reason to update the bag. If you plan on carrying it more than riding with it, I'd go with a lighter option than the staff stand. You also get color options on non-Staff bags, as cool as they are in (only) red, white, and black.
  4. MB

    I also have the staff stand bag, very comfy on the back and shoulders. Also looks sharp.
  5. Tom B

    Agree with Ty, I've got the Staff stand bag and there's nothing better. If you need ultra light then try the 4up bag. Waterproof and lighter, but not quite the same. Got 'em both so I'd say get either based on what you want. Super light 4up. Great carry bag with plenty of room, Staff Stand
  6. Steve M

    Thanks for all of the feedback. Ordered the staff stand bag. Scheduled to arrive on Friday. My next goal is get fitted for drivers.
    Great gear!
  7. Kevin B

    Was going for the players 5 and have decided to go for the Staff Stand instead. Its a completely NAILED bag. Glad I waited. Heading our to Roger Dunn next Tuesday to get my copper wedges and the new Staff Bag ordered. My new &716AP 1's will fill it up....and Good To Go! All Titleist! Love it.
  8. APhillip

    I would say that after you upgrade your equipment to the latest form Titleist I would go with the Staff Stand Bag. It has a great look and outstanding funtion. If you walk a lot check out the 4 up stadry bag. I found it great for walking a quick round. I live in Florida so have not had to check out the waterproofing yet.

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