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Quick Poll: Cart Bag Features

Mike D., Team Titleist Manager Team Titleist Staff

It's time for another quick poll! And this time we want to hear your feedback on cart bag features and usage. So don't forget to answer both poll questions below and feel free to share any additional thoughts or comments by adding a reply.


- Mike 

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  1. Speedy

    I voted for weight when I look for a Titleist golf bag with color and design following. Need to make sure my Titleist bag will look handsome on the golf course.

    You be amazed how many looks I get on the course when they see that TT logo on the bag as well as the bag tags i game... Gotta pimp ya bag man... Know what they say, "look good, play good"
  2. greg p

    If it doesnt get past the color and design hurdle the others don't matter.
    Need a minimum of 5 slots with full length dividers.
  3. mark w

    I voted for the number of pockets, however, what I wanted to say is it is the configuration of pockets not the number of pockets.
  4. Sean N

    It should have plenty of space for easy club removal. It should also look good with Team Titleist logo!
    Post Image
  5. rob m

    I love my current Titleist bag. It has a 7 way divider & 9 pockets. Plenty of storage & not in a way that makes it bulky. Also the small pocket above the ball storage is perfect for my range finder.
  6. Mike H

    Access to all the pockets and all other tools is the most important part. When riding in a cart it's easy for one entire side of pockets to be hard to access with two bags in a cart and it could be either side. Convenient and roomy front pockets and large pockets in both sides are nice. Also the more items that can be secure outside of zipper pockets is nice.
  7. Chuck Z

    Have been using a cart bag for a number of years and love them.
  8. Don O

    Would have preferred 2-3 reasons to select a cart bag instead of 1 only. Picking one was hard.
  9. vurich

    Also important, colors that don't fade in the sun. Protection against strap rubbing with metal skeleton inside bag and colors outside bag. A shiny, scratch and tear resistant material that is water proof and wipes off grime and dirt easily. Proper padding between club slots. Separate slot for putter. Enough room for larger grips.
  10. Darron K

    I voted Top Cuff.

    No matter what kind of bag (cart or carry), the top cuff is king. Then I would decide on color and design because either bag usually has enough pockets (don't be removing no pockets on future bags)! :D
  11. Robert H

    Colours are important too together with waterproofing.
  12. Darryl M

    Top configuration is important so my club grips are easier to keep separate, pockets would be 2nd.
  13. Chris w

    I went with the top cuff configuration. Love the way cart bags put the woods in the back and wedges and putter down low or in the front of the bag while on a cart. I want to get a stand bag but will not work for me on a cart .
  14. Lance P

    I chose pockets as the most important factor. Even the coolest looking bag with a great top configuration won't work for me if there is no room for my "stuff".
  15. TAustell

    Top cuff configuration defines both easy access and protection for the clubs. I appreciate my bag's pocket configuration, especially the insulated one for a Gatorade and snack. Finally, thanks for the loop that helps guide and secure the cart is a nice touch.
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