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Titleist Lanyard

John M

I have seen over social media recently that a lot of the members have their lanyards, are they still manufacturing and sending those out? And if so how do I get one?

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  1. Tyler H

    Your best bet is to stay active and engaged and you never know what will show up in your mailbox.
  2. MGordon

    I would also like to get a lanyard
  3. Wayne C

    Also seen all the ball markers they look awesome, i did post on instagram in the hope of getting one but nothing yet, but fingers are crossed
  4. Darryl M

    I have never seen a TT lanyard or TT ball marks.
  5. Caleb H.

    Yeah I love all the gear you will randomly get in the mail! It's been a while since I got a gift!
  6. Gary E

    I'd love to get a lanyard also. I have a short lanyard attached to my Scotty Cameron head cover. I just pull it off and it hangs on the side of my carry bag. Can't loose it that way. A freind of mine had a custom head cover stollen and that's why I did this. A Titileist lanyard would be SWEET!
  7. John O

    The lanyards are sweet!
  8. Kelly H

    We all want all the cool kid stuff.... Just stay active and keep your fingers crossed!
  9. james m

    Hard to get anything from titleist here, in Ireland when I bought new clubs you would get a sleeve of prov1's and prov1x's , I've bought $3200 of titleist gear here in Perth and not a free ball, pretty poor
  10. Darren Y

    Team Titleist always has the best swag! Nothing better than getting an unexpected package in the mail!!!

  11. AOuellet

    The mug looks nice too!
  12. Brian F

    Definitely would love to represent with a Titleist lanyard!
  13. Wayne C

    I've been taking the micky out of my friends lately as they use TM, i said I'm part of a team and a family you just have clubs that change every 5 minutes and don't make you part of anything. ha ha

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