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Limited Edition Headcover Info

Joshua B

I have scoured the interwebs and cannot find any info on the limited leather headcover sets that are out there. 3 last year numbered to 500 (British Open, US Open, and Holiday) and one so far this year...but what is the story behind these and how do I find out when they come out and where do I order them? How many do they plan on releasing and when is the next one coming out? Would love to know about this more so I can collect them without paying eBay.

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  1. Chris92009

    You can find them at various Titleist authorized retailers...never a problem to find....just limited quantities.
  2. APhillip

    I picked up the Holiday ones as they looked great. I use the leather black one's at he moment and have no plans on changing them out. Holiday for collection i guess.
  3. Chuck Z

    This the Open Championships I purchased I believe in 2015 and it was limited to 500 head covers. Chris is correct in they can be purchased but the accounts normally only get one set.
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