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Team Titleist Gear


I always see these social media posts about the gear the company sends out but i have absolutely no idea how they got it??? Anyone have an idea? I desperately want stuff especially the lanyard.

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  1. Barry B

    The best way to have a chance at getting something is to keep active here by adding your insights/comments/question as applicable. Then who knows, something good might show up in your mailbox or on your door step.
  2. Tyler H

    Become active in Team Titleist and make sure your profile is up to date and completely filled in. The items aren't for sale and active members are surprised from time to time by something appearing in their mailbox.

  3. Mike r

    Stay active and participate in the forum and you will never know what might show up at your door :)
  4. Tim Tiger

    Learn the secret handshake.
    Watch for the TT signal in the sky.

  5. rob m

    im still laughing
  6. chris b

    I wish they had a Team Titleist store to buy the stuff!
  7. Michael JC

    Still working on the secret handshake. Is it interlocking or overlapping?

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