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Players Ball Marker


I was wondering if anyone received their Special Edition Players Ball marker yet? I registered my Players 14 golf bag and was told I would receive it but I haven't yet. No hurry, just thought I would inquire.



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  1. Andrew A

    I have not but also am in no hurry. Just curious as well.
  2. Chuck Z

    Think they said it takes 10-12 weeks to get them.
  3. Gabriel G

    I have not received one.
  4. Chuck Z

    Arrived today by FEDEX. Thanks Titleist. You are the best. ;)
  5. Todd T

    Give them a little time Gabriel.. It'll show up.
  6. sam c

    Chuck Z

    Arrived today by FEDEX. Thanks Titleist. You are the best. ;)

    Nice, hopefully my shows up soon.
  7. Jason H

    I have not received one.
  8. Scott R

    I bought a new Players Stand 14 this spring but was unaware of the ball marker promo. Can you share where I would need to go to register my bag? Thanks in advance for the help.
  9. Kathy J

    Just received mine yesterday. I bought the Stadry standbag. Now to complete the look would be a new Team Titleist bag tag to go along with my name and Team Titleist embroidery on my bag - it looks fantastic!
  10. Leslie V

    Yay for ball markers! =)
  11. jaymay82

    Got mine. Thanks again Titleist! #1 golf brand in the world!
  12. Frank W

    I got mine not long ago. Took a while but was well worth the wait. My patience was rewarded. Thanks Titleist. Hope Your's arrives soon.
  13. JK9

    Still haven't received mine. Registered for it at the beginning of May. Do I have to send a picture or the bag I got? I bought a Players 4 stand bag this year. Hope I will get one eventually.

  14. Michael O

    I was just asking the same question. Registered back in May and got the confirmation email but have not seen mine yet.
  15. Kevin B

    Awaiting mine too. No worries. Titleist has much to do each day as a business. We know they're the best and will deliever and most likely when you least expect it!
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