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Brand New Footjoy DNA #Helix Shoes!


Just picked up a new pair of the Footjoy DNA Helix shoes that should be everywhere shortly. It appears there a variety of significant enhancements including a wider more stable platform as requested by the PGA Tour FJ Ambassadors as well as more cushion! Wow, I did not think they could make this shoe any more comfortable. Take a look, I cant wait to try them out on the course today. My initial read after putting them on is that they are incredibly more comfortable (more stretch over the top of the foot and more cushion in the heel area) plus they seem to have a higher level of traction...congrats to FJ for continuing to make improvements to an already great shoe!

I have found out more about these on social media using the hashtag; #Helix


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13 Replies

  1. No'l

    This is an amazing news! I can't wait to have this pair. DNA bug on me for sure.

    Wear them well, Chris!

  2. Kevin B

    Very cool
  3. Barry B

    Great looking shoes. Can't wait to check them out once they hit golf shops/stores.
  4. APhillip

    Nice looking kicks, enjoy
  5. Chuck Z

    Sweet improvements. Nice shoe, Chris.
  6. DPerelmuter

    Wow they look awesome I can't wait to get a pair when they come out.
    Heard on Golfwrx they are coming in August?
  7. rich b

    Need these quick!
  8. nate l

    Those shoes look awesome!
  9. MB

    Those look really sharp!
  10. vurich

    I have 3 pair of the original DNA's. By far, my favorite shoe of the FJ lineup. Looking forward to reviewing these.
  11. RCCPA

    Those looks simply awesome. Can't wait to give them a test drive
  12. Jay H

    Holy smokes, those look and sound amazing! Can't wait to check them out. Absolutely love the DNA line. Thanks for sharing, Chris!
  13. masamitsu

    These look awesome!! Can't wait to try them. I have 5 pairs of the 1.0 DNAs. While they still look good I could always use new shoes :)

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