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915 Tour Bag zip handle issue



I have the 915 9.5" tour bag but there appears to be a design or manufacturing flaw with the zips - on 50% of the zips on my bag, the metal has snapped off and the zip holder has then fallen off. Is there any way to getsome replacement zip handles for my bag as it is difficult opening compartments trying to hold the small, half piece of metal left after they have snapped off?



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    I had the same problem with my Staff Stand Bag, it is a design flaw in my opinion. I took mine back to the store where i bought it they just exchanged it for me . You should try that . Madgolfer
  2. Chris T., Club Concierge

    Hi AHanna,

    We've brought the issue with your staff bag to the attention of our associates in the UK, and they should be reaching out with potential solutions shortly.

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