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So I have switched (over the past 6 months) to an all Titleist set of equipment. Pleased as all get out with it. One change I HAVE to make- my old bag is Calloway!!

Any thoughts on the best of Titleist's stand bags? I do a mix of cart and carry?


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  1. Chris92009

    I prefer the Players 4 Stand Bag!

    Lightweight, great looks and full of features...!

    Good Luck, Chris
  2. Jeremy B

    Hi Turreta!

    This is a picture of my bag. It is the Titleist light weight bag from 2014. It is perfect weight, plenty of pockets and space and sharp looking. If you can find one of these, I'd highly recommend it.

    Post Image
  3. APhillip

    Staff stand bag works best for me as a hybrid cart- carry bag. For full carry i would go for 4Up. Any of the Titleist bags are great !!
  4. Cole W

    I have the Players 5 bag, it's a great bag lightweight but with a lot of storage. I am not a fan of 14 way dividers which is why I went with this one, also more color options.
  5. TUrreta

  6. nate l

    I love the 14 way stand
  7. Scott R

    I too went all Titleist this Spring including a new bag. I bought the Stand 14 and love it. Great when I walk a round with my high school age son and great when I strap it on a cart for a tournament round with my buddies. Plenty of pockets for everything I could need.
  8. Philip B

    Scott R, I'm looking at the Stand 14 and was wondering how it feels during those walking rounds. Is it noticeably heavier because of the 14 way divider do you think? I'm torn as I like the dividers, but am trying to have a lighter bag at the same time. Guess I'm trying to have the best of both worlds if that's possible!
  9. Kevin F

    I had a Sun Mountain design Titleist ultralight bag for the past 10 years and the stand finally gave so I decided to replace it with a new Players 5 Stand. I've wanted a solid green color and it looks great. Double strap is a little funky but overall the bag has a ton of storage and looks great. The biggest knock I have are the zippers. The loop already broke on the waterproof valuable pouch after only one round. My club said they will replace it but it's still a bummer this early on.

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