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Titleist T-Shirts


A few months back, Team Titlest posted a poll in the discussion page asking us TT Members which Titleist T-shirt design we liked best. Are those t-shirts ever going to be released? Now that summer is around, I would love to have a t-shirt or two and show my Titleist loyalty at the beach and local watering hole!

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  1. Tyler H

    These will most likely not be released for purchase, but made available through contest/giveaways on Team Titleist.
  2. Joshua B

    Here here...2nd that motion!
  3. Ned

    I second that!
  4. Jeffery M

    Would love to sport one myself!!
  5. Chuck Z

    Bet we will see them at the TT Invitational in September. I would like to see the winning selection. Normally those are used as promotional items and not for sale.
  6. Jason H

    I would love one to.
  7. Jack H

    I haven't heard anything about them, but would love to have one as well! Always love being able to support Titleist!
  8. joe t

    I agree, I have a few FJ tees that I wear on my golf outings or to the range or pro shop. A Titleist tee would be great for after the round.
  9. Chris B

    I really don't need Titleist to sell these.....I would part with my money to easily.....
  10. Paul T

    I would love one or two as well!

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