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Titleist Aussie Hat! A Great Add For Summer!

Kevin B

Just picked up my first Titleist Aussie Hat for Summer play and protection. It's perfect. Light weight UV protection and its Water Resistant!

The fit and finish is exactly what Titleist is known for from clubs, balls and gear. . .


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  1. Chris G

    Funny you posted this as I also, just bought the same hat for summer play. Here in Utah, the desert sun can be brutal. My wife says my ears are going to fall off someday ... lol! I agree, this Aussie hat will protect my ears and nose from the sun and still be cool enough to wear on the hot western desert golf courses I play. It made my wife happy too! :) Good product made well.
  2. Ned

    I have one also, and love it! It's as great on the course as it is on the beach. The only downside is, because it's so light the brim tends to fold up and windy days. Enjoy!
  3. James B

    Hey Kevin!
    May I know where you bought your Team Titleist Hat? I'm located in Sydney, Australia and couldn't find any.
  4. Jason H

    Nice Hat.......
  5. KCicilioni

    Love the Team Titleist hat. How were you able to come across this?
  6. Lance P

    That is a great-looking and functional hat! Gotta get me one!!
  7. Jack H

    Looks nice! Nice looking TT hat on the bag too! Enjoy your goodies!
  8. Chris B

    well....we are waiting for more info on that sharp Team Titleist hat in the picture.

    Both look great though....I need to do better with sun protection.....and of course FJ is sold out of their long sleeve UV shirts.....
  9. Kevin B

    All who asked about my Team Titleist Hat...I did not purchase this. It was an immense surprise which arrived in my mailbox. Had no clue about this arriving. It's cherished and will only be wearing it for very special occasions.

    Many thanks Team Titleist Concierge and Staff for all you do which makes our golf all the more brilliant with your daily support, quality service and love of the game!
  10. APhillip

    Living in Florida I find that the Aussie hat is a must. Keeps me cool and no sun on ears and neck. I have replaced them ( brown and white) for the last couple seasons. Seems like the large amount of sweat does not agree with them after a long summer.
  11. JAM

    The Titleist Aussie hat is a great looking hat, however, I hope Titleist will revise it in 2018 with a stiff brim. It doesn't take much wind to blow the front brim up and leave your face unprotected.
  12. Kathy J

    I new Titleist Aussie hat would look great for the 2018 golf campaign!

    Thanks Team Titleist!

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