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Mike r

Just curious, Why doesn't Titleist come out with a red, white, and blue golf bag? I love supporting my country. It would be a true honor to have a #TT bag with the American Flag and our countries colors on it.

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  1. David M

    I've thought the same thing----would seem to be a big seller.

    With that said--one of this years models is navy, white, and red.
  2. Mike H

    The starry 4up stand bag is red white and blue and also for cart bags both the lightweight and deluxe have a red white and blue option.

    Hopefully it does become a mainstay on more options. If it was in a players 5 option I would definitely have that bag as well.
  3. Mike r

    I want the 2017 staff stand bag, but it only comes in the standard colors unless im looking in the wrong place.
  4. Kelly H

    If you look at my profile pic I'm building a bag... actually snuck down to Cameron gallery to pick up a few things for it today... I'll be posting pictures tonight...
  5. Tom B

    Titleist puts out a limited edition for the past several years that you can't get much more red, white, and blue, and patriotic,'s all for a good cause. Many local pro shops get one from Titleist, a Staff or Mid-Staff bag, that is also done up in the logo of "Folds of Honor", a great cause that supports scholarships for the children of our veterans many of whom have become disabled serving, started by Major Dan Rooney who was a fighter pilot serving overseas and then wanted to be a PGA Pro. I know at least one of our friends here on TT has won one recently and has displayed it here, so maybe if it's read again here, we can see it again. Watch for the raffle in your area for one. Nothing is better, and you support a great cause in trying to make it yours.

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