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Carry bags


I'm looking at getting a new carry bag and I'm torn between the Staff Carry bag and the players 4 or 5 (possibly stay dry due to UK weather).

Anyone got experience with these and recommendations?



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  1. Simon s

    I've got the players 5 and its a really good bag and I would thoroughly recommend it.
  2. harry h

    I have the 2017 4 way stand bag best bag I have had lite durable has enough pockets easily the best straps I had to adj as well
  3. APhillip

    I have the new staff stand bag and the 4up stadry. For my money the best carry bag is the 4up. I use the staff for cart use and when im heading to the range for extended sessions. Weight is a factor and for me i find the harness or strap on the 4up to be more comfortable.
    Can't really go wrong with either one though....
    Good luck
  4. Chuck Z

    Get one with a double strap and lightweight. Make it as easy as you can on your back. Make a fun round.
  5. Kathy J

    I got the stadry and I live in Portland, OR for the same reason you were looking for in a carry bag.
  6. Frank W

    I purchased the Players 4 Stand Bag this a Spring. Great bag! Still getting comfortable with the pockets (I had my old bag for many years). I would highly recommend it to anyone.
  7. BTatlock

    I'd stay away from the staff carry bag, they look nice but they don't seem practical.
  8. Mark S

    Simon, I get that you like this bag, but how about you help out Sean and others reading by telling us what you like about it and why you think it is better than the other models.
  9. Dan O

    In my opinion, a golf bag cannot have too many pockets and 14 separate club slots is a must. Don't know which model you are considering has those features, but my Titleist carry bag (a few years old) does. It also fits readily on a cart when the occasion arises.
  10. MCarmody

    Age 60 been carrying for 45 years, always used a png carry bag. This year purchased the stadry 4 up, best bag I have ever had. You need to make sure the straps are correct for your height. Once you get it right the balance and ease of carry is the best.
  11. Michael M

    I just purchased the Staff Stand Bag. It has a great look but doesn't seem to have any benefit that sets it apart form the Players series bags. Also, according to some discussion posts the Players bag are coming with an exclusive ball marker. So if I were to do it over I would go with the Players 4 bag and save $105.
  12. Steve G

    I would go with the stadry, very lightweight and able to withstand the elements.
  13. Garry B

    Why do you say they don't seem practical?
  14. SKillen

    Thanks for the comments, in the end I went for the Staff bag. Have used for 10 rounds now on quite a hilly course and it's been great. 5 zipped pockets with plenty room for all my junk. What swayed it was the magnetic pocket just below the straps. Perfect for quick access while walking along.

    Only small complaint is the dual strap. The left shoulder one has a tendency to twist causing the straps to wrap around making it not balance correctly until straightened. But I can do it walking so no great issue.

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