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Alignment Sticks

Mike H

I just got my vokey alignment sticks and was out practicing with them. I used mine to line up, work on striking after the ball and to make sure I'm not getting to steep with a high handle into the ball

What are some other way you use the alignment sticks?

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  1. David M

    My "miss" happens when I bring the club too far inside at takeaway. I stick up an alignment stick into the ground at a the same angle as the club I am hitting----about a foot or two behind me. If I do snatch the club too far inside---I hit the stick.

    I also set up two alignment sticks just a little wider than the club head pointed at a wedge target. I hit a lot of shots like this----good visual for when the sticks are not there!
  2. Kris D

    I use my alignment sticks to help with weight transition. I stick one in the ground next to my leading hip and make sure I bump in to start my downswing. I also angle one in front of me to help prevent my over-the-top swing. Very cool alignment sticks!
  3. GMillar

    Damn it - i mis out on these (and the covers) every time! They look great!
  4. Benjamin D

    Also helps to make a T with the sticks. one for path. The second goes between your feet to help see ball position.
  5. Joe D

    Besides using them for alignment aids,I use the sticks for stretching, and for putting drill,along with using them to pitch to.
  6. Dr O

    I use mine to hold my Scotty Headcover when I'm putting
  7. harry h

    I got the ones titleist put out with a golf ball special a few yrs ago I use both for putting drills and for Alignment.easy to store in bag no weight either

  8. Chuck Z

    Dr O

    I use mine to hold my Scotty Headcover when I'm putting

    Ditto and on occasions when practicing. =)

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