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Groove Tools?

Scott Golightly

I recently went on Amazon to replace a worm out glove and saw advertisements for a groove tool (kind of looks like a set of fins in a circle at the base of a pen shaped rod), intended I guess to sharpen or clean out grooves on your irons or something.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with them, whether they're just sales gimmicks or if they have a positive benefit on aspects of yalls irons.


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  1. Gary D

    I've been using groove tool for years. Specifically on my wedges. A couple times per year I "sharpen" my grooves. I can carve chunks out of balls with these sharpened wedges and really spin the ball on the green. As long as you're not changing the characteristics of the grooves these tools are legal.
  2. riley a

    A guy I used to golf with said that he used one of these but it started to shred his golf balls. Have you had any issue with this? To be honest, he's not the brightest guy and may have done something wrong/illegal.
  3. Kevin H

    I've seen these and I've always been hesitant to use them. From what I've heard, they are illegal because you are altering the grooves of the club thus making it non-conforming. Not 100% sure though.
  4. Scott Golightly

    Thanks for the input... might have to pick one up and see what it does to a few balls.
  5. Rick D

    G: Please let us know how this works out for you. They say 75 rounds you should be thinking of replacing your wedges. For a lot of us, buying several new clubs is an expense issue. I'd like to be able to take the nicks out, etc., without significantly altering the clubhead.

    I'd also like to hear from one of the Titleist folks. Can Titleist refurbish wedge/iron grooves if sent to them?
  6. Lance P

    Wow I guess my old toothbrush is not good enough much for recycling for another purpose!

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