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titleist players glove

Killian S

Hi I'm wondering does anyone have the same problem as me a titleist players glove seems to be lasting about 4 rounds of golf with out holes wearing. I think they are by far the most comfortable glove to wear just seem to be going through a fair few of them. Am I griping the club too tight?

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  1. Gary D

    I've had the same issue, one of the reasons I stopped using gloves. Remember, all those touring pro's that wear these gloves get them for free !
  2. Jack H

    I have had mine last for quite a long time(around 30 rounds). I love the glove myself. Feels great!
  3. riley a

    I've read a few posts on other golf forums that discuss the two gloves. Most of the comments recommend the Titleist Perma Soft gloves rather than the players glove. There are a lot of comments about the players gloves wearing out very quickly so it might be an issue with the glove rather than your grip!
  4. Jim D

    If you are playing in very hot weather like we have in South Carolina, I suggest rotating between 2 gloves. Change up at the turn and allow the 1st glove to dry out naturally. This has extending the life of my Players gloves.
  5. david s

    I had this problem and my pro advised that wear in the glove suggests I was gripping the club across the palm of your hand and not through the fingers, I've consciously made an effort to grip the club across my fingers and that's reduced the wear. That said they are a premium glove and very thin, I just limit using them in competitions and play a cheaper glove when just having a knock about.
  6. John O

    Where are the wearing out? The wear pattern could be indicative of a grip error (on the palm for example). I use the same gloves and get good use out of them. The suggestion of glove rotation is a good one.
  7. 19hole

    Grip pressure certainly contributes to glove wear, but so do the type of grips you use. Cord type grips are very hard on gloves.

    FootJoy has conducted a lot of testing related to glove wear. They found that the average player should get between 5 and 10 rounds from a glove. While that does not seem to be very good, there are a number of thing that factor in. If you hit balls before your round that can be as many as 40-50 shots. If you take a practice swing before each that becomes a total of 80-100 shots, so let's call that 1 round. On the course if you take 2 practice swings for every shot you hit, then that is actually 3 full rounds of swings. Using this example, this player actually takes 4 rounds of swings for every actual round of golf played. Now if you play 5 rounds of golf that will equate to 20 rounds worth of swings. The life of the glove is not actually looking to bad now.

    Personally, I use the FootJoy PTL glove. It is absolutely the thinnest glove you can get. I average 6 rounds with these gloves. They then become a range glove for about 4 range sessions.
  8. Kelly H

    Several factors most of which are pointed out above contribute to a glove life. But assure it fits correctly. Too loose or too tight can cause a quicker wear out. In the summer months when its warm I always have at least two gloves so I can rotate because once its wet from moisture the chances of it failing goes up tremendously.
  9. RRomanowicz

    I've had this issue myself, I now have 3 gloves and put them in a baggy in my bag and rotate 3 of them, works for me
  10. Gabriel G

    This time of year it is very hot and humid. I make sure I dry out the glove completely. I also rotate the gloves. Even wear as much as three gloves during a round. I wonder about your grip.

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