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TT bag tag/ball marker


Just back from my fitting for a new set of AP2 irons - would highly recommend the centre at craigielaw!

Just wondering how I would go about getting a bag tag? Would love to have one on the bag!

Also love the look of the ball maker that comes in the leather pouch, how can I get one of these?


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  1. blair

    I'm not sure about the ball marker but I got a bag tag randomly through the post by taking part in discussions and generally being a part of Team Titleist. I can't wait to see if I get any more stuff through the post in the years to come
  2. RJohnson

    Just keep posting, adding value to the discussions, and things have a way of magically showing up at you door.
  3. Mike H

    I believe that ball marker was a limited promo deal when you bought a players stand bag if I'm thinking of the same marker. It did look very nice.
  4. harry h

    I too just was fit and received my ap2 irons I would like to know how you like them as you play some rounds with them I've only been to range with them and really pleased with flight distances constant.and love the shaft recommend by titleist fitter
  5. ABeattie

    Cool man thanks for letting me know!
  6. ABeattie

    Let's hope one turns up someday soon then haha!
  7. ABeattie

    That's what I've heard. I am planning on buying a players stand bag in the next few days and was wondering if you have to sign up online with the new bag in order to get the marker?
  8. ABeattie

    I am yet to receive the irons but will update you when I get them!
  9. Michael M

  10. DC

    Keep contributing to the forum and enjoy the community here.
  11. ABeattie

    Unfortunately I live in the U.K. and I can't use this link! Is there one for U.K. Residents?
  12. Kathy J

    You find out alot of good information about Titleist products on these discussion boards (good education too)

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