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Receiving Titleist Gear

Daniel A

I haven't received any gear from Titleist even though I have 100% completed my profile and I have that I play Pro V1 and use footjoy gloves as well as have Titleist clubs. I see friends on Instagram saying that they got stuff from team Titleist but I never get anything. Thoughts?

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  1. Tim Tiger

    It's not about getting gear.
    Post and enjoy the forum content.
    Very unbecoming to ask for stuff.

  2. Paul H

    I am in the same boat Daniel. 100% profile completed. Have all titleist clubs etc. My mates received team titleist gear about two months ago. So jealous
  3. etakmit

    Yes patience. There is no one "thing" that you have to do to receive anything from TT. The more you ask, the more likely you won't. Just sit back, participate in the community and enjoy the camaraderie that we find here.
  4. Brian C

    Are you participating and commenting on the discussion board?
  5. Andrew A

    It about being part of the community and sharing experiences and knowledge. Gear and swag is a bonus benefit but one that should be appreciated and not anticipated or expected. TItleist goes above and beyond to reward their loyal customers and that shouldn't be lost on any of us.
  6. Barry B

    Continue to participate by commenting and adding your insights to topics, that is what this community is about, not getting free gear. If you stay active and have patience.
  7. joe t

    Those who get, get. I enjoy playing and participating here in the forums.
    I never get jealous or envious of those guys. I get what I get, and that's pure Titleist joy. I have gotten a lanyard and bag tag and even test balls. Love the game and the website experience. Been here for a few years now.
  8. Chuck Z

    You know Daniel, when one clicks on your picture (avatar) we can see whether you have completed your profile and what type of clubs you play, what types of courses you play, how many rounds you play, etc, etc, and nothing comes up. In other words, you completed profile. Check it out. And stay active and participate something will come your way in the future. Click on my picture and you will see the difference.
  9. Todd T

    Its not a guarantee that you'll receive anything, its about contributing to the community and endorsing the brand!
  10. Mark V

    Share your stories, participate, don't sweat the details. Grow the game and experience.
  11. Michael M

    Tim Tiger

    It's not about getting gear.
    Post and enjoy the forum content.
    Very unbecoming to ask for stuff.


    I am sure like all of us on Team Titleist you're just excited for the opportunity to show your commitment and loyalty to a brand you support. I personally did not find anything wrong with you asking advice from your fellow members to ensure you were not doing something wrong or missing out on some secret. In my opinion that is what the forums are for, helping each other. That being said I believe it is a random act of kindness that some members receive and your odds may improve if you participate more often. Also you might find this link helpful
  12. Speedy

    What EVERYONE said above.... Peace
  13. mpinchin

    Yes, participate in the forum and interact. And look out for the sweep stakes and competitions and enter them. I have entered quite a few. Never one anything until recently when I was invited to a golf day. I was gobsmacked, it was awesome! So stay in touch, participate and see what happens...
  14. Brian D

    Welcome Daniel, nice to have another member who is head to toe loaded with Titleist and FJ. There are a lot of opportunities for all kinds of "goodies", and I am sure with time and patience you will eventually end up with some package on your door step.

    As many of the posts above mention being active, come to enjoy, that is all true. The great thing is the more you are active, the better the chance you will have. You will find special or random "giveaways" pop up from time to time on the main site, as well as hidden "giveaways" too. These will pop up on Instagram, Twitter, etc., so one just never knows when the time may be yours.

    Like I said, I'm sure if you visit enough and maybe contribute to a few posts, or maybe even let everyone know a little about you.....You never know.

    Welcome and enjoy the boards...
  15. DC

    Not a huge fan of how op expects to receive something for simply completing a profile. I hope that you enjoy your time here, learn from everyone and enjoy being a member of this awesome community. Titleist has been an amazing company for me and I know they will do the same for all brand loyalist.
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