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Ball Marker

michael g

Hello. Approximately 2 months ago titleist had a facebook post if you purchased a new bag to receive a ball marker. I filled in all the info and have not seen it as of yet. Anyone else?

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  1. TSchwartz

    I have not received mine either. It almost seems like they only had a limited amount and not everyone got it but if so the post was misleading. I didn't read anything on there about limited availability.
  2. Chuck Z

    I might be wrong but I thought they said it would take about twelve weeks to get the markers. When I signed up that is about how long it took.
  3. Dwayne N

    Was in a cart rollover this week and lost my titleist ball marker so bummed but least me and my clubs came out without serious damage was a scary time
  4. Marvin O

    Me too. I have not received mine as well. Hopefully soon.
  5. sam c

    I am bummed I did not receive my ball marker either. I am right at 12 weeks and
    hopefully I get one soon.
  6. Eugene N

    I haven't received mine yet either ..bag purchase was 10 weeks ago..I registered and got a response saying delivery was 6 to 8 weeks
  7. Benjamin D

    Mine showed up today!
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  8. BK

    Wow, I never knew about this one
    I got a Sta Dry bag, and never even knew to sign up for this
  9. Marvin O

    Got mine in the mail yesterday. Sweet!!! Thank you, Titleist.
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  10. Doug H

    Just got mine yesterday! Have patience, it will come.
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  11. Doug H

    Got mine yesterday!
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