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Hand-held GPS Recommendations?

riley a

I am looking for a hand-held gps unit. There are so many out there it's hard to sort through all of them. I would prefer to be able to the hole layout or at least the green vs. just numbers. I'm not looking to spend a ton since I do have apps on my phone. Anyone have any recommendations? Why do you recommend that unit?

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  1. Michael V

    I have a Garmin Approach rangefinder and love it. Shows the hole layout with a zoom in feature for fairway and greens. Can update it for any changes to courses and it has been spot on with the distances. Won't regret purchasing it.

    I currently have a Skycaddie Touch. I like it, it starts with the overall hole view and then converts to just the green as you get closer. It also provides yardages to creeks, bunkers and other items on the course. There is however a yearly fee. Check out my discussion "Determining Yardage" from July 13 where I asked what everybody uses as I was looking at a range finder. The discussion also tells what other people are using.
  3. Chuck O

    I use a Garmin unit that is three years old. It's small and easy to use . It shows each hole , and your distance to hazards and bunkers. This is great on courses your new to or if carts don't have there own GPS. Not a lot of money for what it does. Mine does use a lot of battery so keep extra in the bag.
  4. Dwayne N

    Garmin makes some nice units small with good features and if you shop around and get a last years model they are really affordable I currently use a G6 and have no problems what so ever. Its a touch screen with course layout and if you want to lay up you can touch the screen to pick a lay up yardage. And there are no annual fees with the Garmin.Good luck there are other good units as well
  5. Todd T

    Sky-Caddies is good, but yearly fee.. Garmin is also atop the list. Best advice is to hit a golf store and play with them.
  6. ScottyC50

    Been using a SkyCaddie SGX for many years now. Love it....syncs easily and decent graphics. My golf team uses 3 sg5's. they are also good, but do not show as much as the SGX. it is not Skycaddie's latest model, but it has served me well for years.
  7. Darryl M

    I use the Golf Buddy World. It's simple & gives you the hole layout or green view only option during the round (you can switch back & forth during the hole if you want). It also gives you distance to & carry distance of hazards on that hole whether it's a bunker or water hazard. It has been within 2yds of others I play with either their GPS or Rangefinders. You can keep track of your round & download it later and track your stats like score, Fairways, GIR & Putts. I've played 36 holes with it and still had plenty of battery left at the end of the rounds. I've now had mine for 4 years and glad I made the purchase. It's a little smaller than a deck of cards. the sell different mounts for it which I have but now just lay it in my Clickgear mesh basket as I walk.

    Hope this help in your search, Riley

  8. Steve S

    I've been using a Garmin G7 for the last 2 years and have been very pleased. It has both hole and green views. It is very lightweight and I get about 3-4 rounds per battery charge. It automatically gives you distance to all the major features of the hole but you can also point on the screen to get distance to that point. You can also use it to easily measure the distance of your shots. Garmin offers newer models so you might be able to find these at a better price. Not cheap but well worth the price.
  9. Robert C

    I currently use a Skycaddie SGXw model. I have used the SG2 and the SG5 prior to my current model. I like the green view. You can move the pin according to what you see. Default is set to the center of the green. If you feel it is towards the front left portion of the green then move the pin location accordingly. I like this feature as it allows you to club accordingly and still be on the green. Miss long and still be on the green. You can see the hole layout, front center and back of the green to include green undulation.
  10. riley a

    Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the feedback. I have some studying to do!
  11. Chris B

    why not GolfLogix on your phone? great app that has all the bells and whistles.
  12. KOgle

    Bushnell with slope, outstanding. I have used Bushnell before but the new model that you can turn on and off slope is outstanding and I find it right on target with the zolt tech
  13. Brian R

    I have the golf buddy voice got it on eBay for a little under $100. It doesn't have distances to water or bunkers. Just tap a button and tells you how far to the center of the green. Hold the button down and tells you distance to front and back of green. I usually play at my home course so I know roughly how far water and bunkers are from greens, just not the in between shots. It's an inexpensive gps that is good for you $$
  14. Dave N

    Are there any purists left? You don't need that crap, just play and have fun.
  15. John O

    I've got the Golf Buddy Tour. It's excellent. Yardage to front, middle, back of greens, layup yardages, scorecard, etc. I'd be lost without it. I find that it speeds up play too since I'm not searching for yardage markers/sprinkler heads. Great investment.

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