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Golf bag choice


Hi. I'm deciding between a 14 way and 5 way stand bag. Does anyone know which one has most pocket space? Any other things I should be aware of?

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    I would go to a local golf shop and compare them in person if I were you. That way you can pick it up, dig around in it, make sure it's exactly what you want. Just my 2 cents.
  2. harry h

    Yes go look in person I had a 14 way but went to new 4 way because of wgt and using less clubs and liked colors of new stand bags
  3. Tom B

    I'm a fan of the 5 way and not the 14way. I just feel the 14 way, that the clubs bang against each other more in walking or riding....more noise, more marks. The 5 way they have a chance to settle in with each other and not bang around as much. I think the space is about the same with both, but like Josh said, go check them out.
  4. Gabriel G

    Yes, who has two of those bags? The Golf shop in your area. Joshua, good advice. Just go and see them. I personally have a 14 divider titleist bag, but I can't say which bag has more pockets.
  5. Deno

    All good suggestions above. Better to have a first hand look.

  6. Eugene N

    I have just purchased the 14 way and find it exactly what I have been after. Mainly it is the club separation that is best . Not having to move other clubs to find the one you are after ..unlike the 5 way has ample storage space and has the 3 way pickup handles which are a much needed enhancement.
  7. BTatlock

    A lot of it comes down to preference. I used a 14 way for years and it definitely had some added weight, but I switched last season to a 5 way but I would have to guess pocket size just comes down to the individual bag
  8. Chris B

    I researched this in detail before I made my purchase - the 14 way just did not make the cut. Look at the 5 or 4.

  9. KOgle

    I agree with Eugene. I have a 2017 staff bag and went with the 14 way bag. Easy to pick a club and notice quickly if you have left one behind. I don't notice as much noise and I am very picky about clubs beating together to keep them look new. I don't think they have as many storage areas at the front of the bag but more than you can use. Balls, gloves, tees, rain cover for the bag, storage area for your valuables, etc.
  10. ken r

    the 5ive way is lighter, the 14 way is bulkier and heavier
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  11. jss204

    I just purchased the 14 way. It has plenty of pockets and can hold more than I'd ever want to carry. Looked at the 5 way, but liked the individual dividers.

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