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Rain cover

James H

Hi Watching coverage of the Open over the last couple of days, I have noticed that the staff players have a full bag rain cover. Does anyone know if these are available to buy?

Thanks James

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  1. Rob_Roth1


    Is this what you mean?

    I have one and love it as it's much easier to get clubs out of your bag vs. the normal zip up one that comes with most bags.

    I have the Drihood too and agree, love it as is works better than the zippered hood that comes with the bag.
  3. Chuck Z

    Those hood covers only cover the clubs as do the hoods that come with the tour bags. But the hoods the come with the bags have a clear side and zip open easily to get your clubs and are very protective of your clubs while traveling as well as the elements.
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  4. James H

    Thanks Rob, I like the look of these. I don't have a picture but the ones I am referring to actually cover the whole of the tour bag.
  5. James H

    Thanks guys. This is what I saw (albeit for a tour bag rather than stand bag). I use an electric trolley in the UK and this would be useful for our variable weather.
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  6. Sawyer Nix

    Please post a photo. I have seen full rain cover bags (Justin Rose for example) but not for Titleist.
  7. David A

    I have never seen this before and I am all over the Titleist catalogues each year. Is this a real Titleist item?
  8. Rob_Roth1

    I have seen it advertised for sale in Japan
  9. James H

    I tried to find a screenshot from the Open but haven't been able to. I guess these were just something they were handing out on the tour truck.

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