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Why I choose Titleist!!

Jeffery M

Got mine today. Just the little things Titleist does is why they are #1. Nice to come home to this and my 917 fairway wood on my doorstep. I think my bag is complete is now. Thanks Titleist for making my game the best it can be.

Post Image
Post Image

7 Replies

  1. No'l

    Congrats on the 917F and a cool marker. Play well!
  2. Tyler H

    Red letter day, for sure. Nothing like a package from Acushnet greeting you when you arrive home.
  3. Joshua B

    Nice marker...I dig it. Swing well
  4. Dwayne N

    Enjoy them both they look great
  5. Joe D

    Nice enjoy.
  6. Dr O

    Got mine the other day. Almost too nice to use!
  7. Titleist Fan 179

    Sweet. Congrats. Waiting for mine :)

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