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Ball Marker - A Real Keeper


Yes, it was awesome to watch Jordan Speith bring it home at the British Open, he was a terrific Brand Ambassador all the way around. To top off feeling the Titlelist family affection, one of your beautiful vintage ball markers was delivered to my mailbox this week. Thank you so very much....the smallest kindnesses truly add to the TT experience. And by the way, the new Players 14 Stand Bag is a real joy to carry around on the course. It's superior construction and multiple pocket access define the best capabilities right now in a light-weight offering. All the best!

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10 Replies

  1. Darren Y

    Sweet ball marker!!! Gotta love TT!
  2. Chuck Z

    Tough to game those beauties.
  3. Justin V

    That's the kind of small gesture that makes this company great. Thanks Titleist for being a company that cares about its loyal followers. The best in the business.
  4. Gabriel G

    Where is it? The letter?
  5. Gabriel G

    Where is it? All I see is a letter and an orange cap.
  6. robert t

    I got one in the mail also....Thanks Titleist!!!
  7. David K

    Totally psychosomatic but I _swear_ I putt better when I use mine.
  8. Daniel A

  9. Todd T

    Great gesture and that hat is epic!!!
  10. Bruce S

    Love that ball marker and leather pouch.

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